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Dojang etiquette (An overview for new students and a refresher for the rest of us!)

Posted: October 01, 2019

Being new to the martial arts community can sometimes feel confusing or intimidating at first- with traditions, routines, and commands that everyone else seems to already know. Master Han and the Instructors at SKY Martial Arts Murrieta want to make sure you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible for your first day of class. They have worked together to create this guide to help students and their families know what to expect, as well as what’s expected of them as a member of the SKY Martial Arts Murrieta Family.

Before Class

Upon entering the "dojang" (Studio) students bow first to the flags and then to instructors. If the class has already begun before you enter, you will, after bowing to the flags, wait for the instructor's permission to join the class.

Taekwondo Mom!

Posted: October 29, 2015

Have you ever wondered, as an adult, what it would be like to start training Taekwondo? Are you searching for a new way to motivate yourself- To get active, build up strength, and reach personal goals? Taekwondo isn't just for the young at age, more adults than ever are putting on their doboks and rising through the belt levels as they get into better shape than they ever thought possible.

Bridgette Mitcheff perfectly explains how great Taekwondo can make people feel, both physically and mentally, but she also acnoledges the fears and insecurities that many adults experience when it comes to trying something new. We, here at Sky Martial Arts Murrieta, understand that the path to physical fitness begins at many points and we strive to work as indivudally as possible with each of our martial artists to provide a customized physical fitness experince. If you're interested in beginning your training, please call us today for a personalized consultation and education session!

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