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How can Taekwondo help my child?

Posted: September 02, 2015

Even though the following examples are all fictional names, they are everyday concerns from parents and their stories share one common solution- Martial Arts. At SKY Martial Arts Murrieta, our Instructors use positive reinforcement and goal setting to work with students in areas that may need just a bit of extra practice. We work closely with our parents to get feedback on students behavior, both at home and in school, ensuring they excel not just within the walls of our dojang, but as productive members of the community we all live in. No matter what the goal, SKY Martial Arts Murrieta can help your family dream bigger!

Laid Back Lucy

Lucy is a GREAT kid- She’s smart, helpful, and very rarely does she ever truly misbehave, but her parents worry she may just be too laid back. They’ve noticed that sometimes rather than stand up for herself, Lucy will allow other kids at school to talk her into things that land her into trouble. She’s got all the qualities of a great leader, if only she’d learn to speak up for herself…

Free Printable Help Wanted Poster

Posted: May 02, 2014


Are you looking for creative ways to get your SKY Martial Artist helping around the house now that back to school is in full swing? In an effort to create leaders in our community, each month SKY Martial Arts chooses a value to focus on and practice with our students- August has been chosen to be the month of Helpfulness, We encourage all our SKY Martial Arts parents to find opportunities to allow students to be helpful, to notice when they go above and beyond what is asked of them, and to provide them with praise both at home AND in our SKY Martial Arts Do Jang.

We've created the SKY Martial Arts Help Wanted poster to give your student a variety of custom options to choose from while earning fun rewards- Things like "cooking brownies with Mom or Dad", "movie night for the family", or "letting Master Han know how hard you worked to be helpful!" can all make for great positive encouragement while steering away from a work-for-pay model.

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